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James Outline

By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir
This is an outline to the Epistle of James. James draws principally from Psalm 15 as well as Matthew, chapters 5 through 7...
The Epistle of James Outline


(James draws principally from Psalm 15 and Matthew, chapters 5 through 7)


Chapter 1: How do we react to pressure? Faith will not break when it is real, even when times are dire. We are stable because who we are in Christ and not because of our circumstances.


I. Trials are a part of life.


1:1 Greetings

1:2-4 Seeking Jesus to deal with problems! We can declare them joy (Matt. 5:11-12; Luke 6:22-23)

1:5 Seeking wisdom to deal with life; receiving from God (Matt. 7:7; Luke 11:19)

1: 6--8! Asking for faith and not doubting (Matt. 21:-22; Mark 11:22-24)


II. Temptations will come.


1: 9-11 Humbleness, and seeking the proper perspective on life (Matt. 13:6; 23:12; Mark 4:7; Luke 14:11; 18:14)


III. How will you handle trials and guard against impurity?


1:12 Importance of perseverance (Matt. 5:11-12)

1:13-18 Holding on to the goodness of God (Matt. 7:12; 19:16; Luke 6:27, 35)


IV. We have to be doers of the Word, not just hearers.


1:19-20 The importance of listening (Matt. 7:11; Luke 6:46-49).

1:21-27 Our call to be compassionate toward those who hurt (Matt. 25:34-36)


Chapter 2: When Faith is authentic, it will show it in our lives. We will have real, dependable love that transitions into respect for God, for others, and for ourselves!


I. Favoritism and prejudices.


            2:1-4 Paying attention to what is important (Luke 12:21)

            2:5 The poor will inherit the earth (Matt. 5:5; Luke 6:20)


II. Apathy and wrong mindsets.


2:6-9 Love your neighbor as your self (Matt. 22:39; Mark 12:30-31)

2: 10-12 Do not break the commandments (Matt. 5:19)

2:13 Mercy triumphs over Judgment (Prov. 21:13)



III. Obedience and action are the proofs of faith.


2: 11-13 Faith without works is meaningless (Matt. 18:23-34; 25:41-46)

2:14-26 We show our friendship with God by our obedience (Matt. 7:21-23, 26; 21:28-32; John 15:13-15)


Chapter 3: When our faith is real, we will show control and humility. We will have constructive ways of being encouraging by our communication!


I. How we use our words reflects what is in our soul.


            3:1 Teachers are more responsible (Mark 9:38-40; Luke 20:45-47)

            3:2 We are judged by our words (Matt. 12:37)

3:3-6 Real corruption comes from our mouth (Matt. 15:11, 18; Mark 7:15,20; Luke 6:45)

3:7-12 We cannot do both good and evil together (Matt. 7:16-20; Luke 6:43-44)


II. How we express our attitude shows how real our faith is.


3:13-15 Bitterness and envy destroy relationships and opportunities (Prov. 13:30; 27:4)

            3: 16-18 Blessed are the peacemakers (Matt. 5:9)


Chapter 4: When faith is working, we will be expressing patience. We will be able to handle conflict and strife and resolve the tough issues of life!


I. How we control our desires shows whether we want God's will or ours.


            4:1-3 Desires will consume us (Matt. 4:39)

            4:4 Spiritual adultery (Mark 8:38)

4:5 Friendship with the world means being enemies of God (John 15 18-21)


II. Pride destroys


4:6 God hates pride and loves humility (Psalm 49; Luke 14:11)


III. Humility shows our devotion


4:7 Flee from the devil (Matt. 12:26-28)

4:8 Submit to God (Matt. 26:39)

4:9 Laughter turns into mourning (Matt. 5:4; Luke 6:25)

4:10 God is the One to lift us up (Matt. 12:17-20; Luke 3:16)


IV. We have no right to judge


4:11 Do not slander (Matt. 7:1-2)

4:12 Only God has the right to judge (Matt. 10:28)

4:13-16 Do not plan ahead without God (Luke 12:18-20)

4:17 We sin when we know God's will but do not do it (Luke 12:47-48)


Chapter 5: When we are patient, we are persevering. We will have confidence and hope in life whatever we face because who we are in Christ.


I. How we handle our money shows our devotion and what matters to us.

            5:1 Woes to the rich and to corruption (Luke 6:24)

5:2-4 Wealth in time is all worthless (Matt. 6:19-20))

5:5-6 Self indulgence is sin and is of no benefit (Luke 16:19-20, 25)


II. Patience perseveres our faith.

5:7 Be patient (Luke 18:1-8)

5: 8-9 Watch because Jesus will return (Matt. 24:33; Mark 13:35-39)

            5:10 The Prophets are our example (Matt. 5:10-12)


III. We are called to act with kindness to others.

            5:11 God is kind to us (Psalm 94:12; Job 1:21-22)

5:12 Do not swear oaths (Matt. 5:33-37)

5:13-14 Meeting needs of others (Psalm 50:14-15)

            5:15-18 Power of prayer (Matt. 6:6-8; Luke 11:2-4)


IV. Our call to care and bring back those who stray from the faith.

            5:19-21 Our call to help restore the stray sheep (Matt. 18:15)


The final thought about James? Our short-term setbacks will produce long-term results that glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!



2004 R. J. Krejcir Ph.D. Into Thy Word Ministries   

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