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Sex and Dating Discussion Questions

By ITW Staff
Consequences; Family communication; Positive Decisions; and Forgiveness...
In the book, "Radical Respect; A Christian Approach to Love, Sex and Dating," by Jim Burns (no relation to Mr. Burns), there is a chapter on The Sexual Purity Challenge. Letters are received every day from ordinary people who are making an extraordinary decision for God and for themselves. Thousands of young people have taken The Sexual Purity Challenge, as we did last month.  

Together read this actual letter received by the author of that book. 

DEAR Jim, My name is Lori and I am 13 years old going on 14. I'm reading your book Radical Respect. I have  a story I have needed to share with someone for a very long time and I am asking you to please listen to my story. Five months ago I lost my virginity to a man who meant nothing to me. He was a friend of my "best friend." The day I met him we hit it right off. The next evening we started going out. Eventually we began to make out. Soon he began to say he loved me. Well, I thought I loved him, too.

One day my friend (who's not a virgin either) suggested sex. Well I "loved" him, so why not? I knew I wasn't ready, but my girlfriend ended up talking me into it. Two weeks after we began going out we were in bed together. Back then I was not close to God so premarital sex meant nothing to me. Two months later I began to show. I was pregnant. Finally I got up the courage to tell my boyfriend. That night he dumped me. I cried so much after that. I was torn apart. I even tried to commit suicide. First I tried to slit my wrists, but the sight of my own blood made me chicken out. Then I tried overdosing myself with 500 mg. extra-strength Tylenol and Excedrin. I ended up with a bad stomachache and nothing more. It was a miracle, God obviously wanted me alive.

To make a long story short, I had a miscarriage! After my boyfriend found out he asked me back but I said no. I'm glad I've finally had the chance to get that out. I feel so relieved. Lately, I have been doing much better and feel myself growing closer to Christ. I have already asked for forgiveness and taken The Sexual Purity Challenge. I have also asked Jesus into my life and heart. I pray all the time and have quit some of my very sinful habits thanks to your book. It has really helped me find my faith. Well thank you for your time.                                               

Love, Lori

Now discuss these issues: 

Consequences; Family communication; Positive Decisions; and Forgiveness 

Read I Cor. 6:18-20; Eph. 5:3; I Thess. 4:1-8; I Pet. 2:11

1.  How do these scriptures effect your life and commitment in your relations and future relationships? 


2.  Why do you think sexual sin stays longer in our lives than other sins?


3.  Why should Christians have different standards than the world's?


4.  Why should we respect one another? How far will you go in dating relationships, do you have standards?


5.  Are we talking about this subject too much?


Close in Prayer

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