Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. - Psalm 119:105


Security, where is my trust placed?

By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir
Are you secure in your life? If so where is your trust placed?

Here is a helpful talk curriculum to teach youth to focus on Christ with lots of examples and Scripture.
Are you secure in your life? If so where is your trust placed?
The businessman before the big merger feels his stomach sink to his feet. His son is starting in the big game and is filled with fear. The daughter's anxiety is almost over whelming before her big test.

What ever it is big tests, big business, the big game, the fear of the world ending or what color socks shall I ware is based on our security. Were do we put our trust, and how do we give our fears too will give us the result and consequence we will have.   

Read Psalm 112:6-8            

            Trevor is insecure and scared. He may not walk around school shaking like a leaf. When you see him you will never see it through his seemly self-assuredness. He does not carry around a blanket and suck his thumb, but he does feel uneasy when he watches the all the bad news. He feels scared when he sees his family put all their money in a hole in the back yard. That his family has generators, a well-stocked basement and plenty of bottled water. That fear and doom are around the corner, because all the computers will crash and through us into economic chaos for months.

So Y2K came and went, and nothing happened, but just the date has changed. Now it is Jan 31st. But that date too came and passed, nothing happened. But now his father is insentient that Feb 29th will be the day of reckoning. That the world may not end, but all the computers will crash because of leap year!

Trevor's worth was in his future.  

Read II Timothy 3:1-5  

In December of 98 Sonia started to date Jerry. He is good-looking, funny, his parents have money, every thing Sonia ever dreamed was now hers. So Sonia built her whole world around Jerry. For over a year her self esteem and self worth was based on Jerry. And based on how Jerry treated her. And how others saw her. All her friend gave her rave reviews for dating Jerry. Even her parents liked him. All seemed too good. But some other girls at her school started some rumors and Sonia felt like scum.

Sonia's life was now a yo-yo of security and insecurity. Highs and lows. Sonia's worth is what people saw of her.  

Read Jeremiah 17:5  

The Bible tells us not to overly depend on people. Yes we need each other, and one of the main themes of the meaning of life is building relations with each other. Of course the main meaning of life is to love and trust in Christ as our Lord and Savior.

We do not need to have our security in what might happen, or in what people say.  

Read Isaiah 2:22  

Do you see your self worth in how others see you, are you afraid of end times. Do you see danger everywhere so you are filled with fear to do any thing?  

Try this self tests like in those women's magazines we asked you not to bring up. Of course I had to re-word it, well actually I believe the only word I left was, and. Well here it is.  

1. How would you feel if your friends blew you off? Would you be totally devastated? 

2. Do you hate to be alone?


3.  Do you have to be going with someone to feel secure?


4.  Are you only happy when you are with family and people you trust?


5. What your friends say are the most important words in your life?


If you are thinking yes to any of these questions, may indicate that your security in places that God does not want it.  

You see God wants us to trust in Him, sounds simple. But to apply daily can be quite a challenge. Quite a challenge to go against what we see on TV or the movies or especially what our friends may say.  

Read Isaiah 31:1-5; Psalm 16:8 

Wow what a great comfort, which we have a God who truly cares and is with us. We may here it in school, at home, in church, in youth group, and even from friends. But do you get it! Do you get how much our Lord loves you? Do you get it that our confidence is in, and must be in Christ. Not in friends, money, sports, relationships or pets.  

Read Hebrews 13:6  

It is OK to have friends and go to them. It is great to have family, money, activities such as sports, and even a boy or girl friend. But here this, People will let you down, friends will stab you in the back, money will disappear, sports may dry up, boy friends and girl friends come and go, but who do we have to stay? CHRIST!             

           Yes we need to trust in each other and be there for each other. But our main foundation is to trust in the Lord. So first look to Christ for your self worth. Because not only did He die for you, but He lived a perfect life on your behave! So our security is in Who Christ is and what He has done for us.  

If your trust is else ware then you will go through life disappointed and miserable. Maybe not now or even next month, but it will happen! Just look at all the bitter and miserable people out there, and ask how did they get that way?

            The answer is not relying and obeying the Lord and king of the universe who Loves Us!  

People look for security in all kinds of places. In their sports ability, in romantic relationships, in family, in a job, in the future, in grades, in talent, and in friends. All these things are good and beneficial. But if all of your trust and reliance is in one or more of these you are headed for trouble!  

If you are placing your trust in the wrong place, stop and seek our Lord, ask Him to direct you, ask Christ to come to you and say I trust you, I will obey you because you know what is best since you made me and everything in the universe, it is silly that I a created person should know better.  

Read Psalm 55:20-23  

Close in prayer   

PII How to install a Security system  

Mat just knew for sure he was going to be a starter pitcher for baseball. He told his parents, his girl friend all his friends, that he was going to make it. In fact he did not have too, everyone knew that Mat was the best athlete in school. But to everyone's astonishment Mat sat on the bench the first inning, and he stayed there the whole game.

The next day all Mat could think about was his embarrassment.


Our actions often reflect if we are secure or insecure.


Q: Where do you place your security, that is self worth, self-esteem?



Read Matt 7:24-25


Q. How can you build a good foundation?



Read Proverbs 28:26


Q. Do you trust in yourself?



Q. Where would you draw the line between healthy self-confidence (self esteem) verses being conceded, that is so full of yourself?



Read I Corinthians 10:12


Q. What do you think this passage is saying? How can you apply it to your life?




Q. How would you install a security system, so your trust is in Christ and not in friends, family, grades, relationships, money, future, or stuff?


Some Ideas:  

1. Trust in Christ, for who He is and what He has done for you!


2. Obey God's Word! When He says save it for marriage, then trust and obey!


3. Hang with friends who honor God!


4. Be in prayer and in the Word!


When we do these things our security is in Christ and not what we do or what others say about us! Christ will never forsake you, and will always love you!


Divide into small groups for Prayer 

  • Read Psalm 46  
  • Read Psalm 112:6-8 
  • Read II Timothy 3:1-5  
  • Read Jeremiah 17:5  
  • Read Isaiah 2:22  
  • Read Isaiah 31:1-5; Psalm 16:8 
  • Read Hebrews 13:6  
  • Read Psalm 55:20-23  
  • Read Matt 7:24-25 
  • Read Proverbs 28:26  
  • Read I Corinthians 10:12   

Close in prayer 

© 1986 Rev. R.J. Krejcir

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