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By Dr. Richard J. Krejcir
How to study smarter and better, and even with less time!

Think Big- Think Smart. Not small or with an "I can't' or "I have ta"' attitude. But have a will to do it (i.e. self-esteem- our identity is in Christ). Have confidence in yourself!
How to study smarter and better, and even with less time!

Why do I know that these work? Because I used them myself. I have learning disabilities and dyslexia and was told I would never graduate from High school and College was a pipe dream. I got into MIT (did not go) and I now have a Ph.D! If I can do it, well you can too!
Think Big - Think Smart

Not small or with an "I can't' or "I have ta"' attitude. But have a will to do it (i.e. self-esteem - our identity is in Christ). Have confidence in yourself!


Do all papers on a word processor and use a a quality spell and grammar checker and plagiarism checker, and use a high quality type printer. The appearance will always improve your grade. Never turn in something sloppy or handwritten. If you have to hand write it, do it very neatly. Take the time.

Tip: Use an erasable pen for "blue books." It makes it much neater; (computer word processors are available for free at libraries, use them!

Sit toward the front of the class. It helps you pay attention and concentrate, especially in large classes and lecture forums. The teacher or professor will remember you; but not if you are in the back!

Remember Good Posture.

If your concentration slips, crouch forward and it will increase your concentration. And, stretch! Stretch often.

Be Well Groomed.

Do not go to class a sloppy mess. (If you do, sit in back.) Having a good attendance is very important. Tip: Do not miss first and last part of the class. If you leave early, you will miss valuable information, or opportunity to talk to the teacher.

Big Tip Read Your Notes and Material into a Voice Recording Device or Tape Player.

NOTES, TEXT, READINGS, and etc. Then, play it back while driving, or at the mall, or anywhere, with a "smart phone". You can do this with your notes, study material, information you have to memorize, even terms and words for science or a foreign language, or math formulas. This is one of the best ways to study!


Record your class lectures and play it back and use it to clean up your notes where you missed stuff. (We all miss around 70% of what is said!)

Do Not Highlight with a yellow marker; it causes you to skip important stuff, especially with a large book. Instead, only mark the stuff you do not know and go over that. You can also photocopy books and cut them up like 3x5 cards and highlight material you do not know and keep going over it. Do this along with listening to yourself on the Walk-Man with the notes and texts!!

Tip: Use 3x5 Cards. Study in short periods i.e. 5 to 10 minutes at a time and then go on to something else. Then do it again 5 to 10 minutes and so on. (The human mind has a short attention learning span.) Take breaks, carry cards around with you and do this throughout the day at different times. (Sitting in a library for 4 hours vs. spending 5 to 10 minute segments 10 times a day is much more efficient and you will grasp it better!

College Tip: Check out professors before you take classes. Most colleges have a "list that tells all." Select a good professor especially when you have several to choose from. Ask other students, etc.

Eat Right. Take Supplements and Breathe Deeply.

Do not eat heavily before tests. The herb "Ginkgo Biloba" will increase memory as well as "Phosphaphetal Choline."

College Tip: Take tough courses like Business Law or Accounting or Physics from a community college and the credit will transfer but not the grade. (Check with an academic advisor.)

Get to Know Your Academic Advisor.

Get to know your academic advisor well so they know you personally. (Choose a good one.) Not developing this vital relationship might make your 4 plus years nearly worthless!!

Read Textbooks Early.

Stuff always comes up; from illness to activities. If you procrastinate, you will lose (especially if the professor follows the book). Human nature tells us by reading the book early; you will be much more interested than if you wait until late in the semester.

Read With A Pen In Hand.

Write down questions and answers. Practice taking self-tests while reading. (This is how teachers/professors prepare tests).

Tip: Try reading the answers, then think of questions for them (i.e. play Jeopardy). This works great in math and science.

Have the Attitude of Extra Credit.

Mandatory: That is "do it!" Pick something you enjoy and make it fun. If your grade is wobbly, the extra credit will make the difference.

College Tip: Find old exams to study off of. Ask the professor for them.

Tip: Study under a bright light (i.e. by a window or a halogen lamp. Read with your legs elevated (blood rushes to head).

Focus on Formula. Not on the Questions Themselves.

With math problems, do not get caught up in essay questions. Focus on the formula not on the question itself.

Never Skip on Tests!!

Guess and place a dot and come back to it. Use the test time, do not rush yourself. Sometimes at end of test, teacher/professor will give clues and explain questions better. Use your "hunches." A hunch is more powerful than you think.

Term Papers:

Go to the library and check out term papers that are A's for that class to get a feel on how to write a good one. Or, ask your teacher for a couple. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO CHEAT!!

Stay on subject matter; do not drift from it. Write it so its readable not wooden. Let it flow. Use a catchy title. Be innovative. Use a word processor, not a typewriter! It is much, much neater and appearance counts big time. Double space with defined margins and consistently spaced markers. A good clean cover - remember your paper is being compared to others so appearance counts!

More Tips:

I. Write out your theme sentence and ideas. (After choosing a subject.)

II. Write outline. Use outline for topic sentence. Do not write it on just one page. 1 to 10 etc.; but write it all at once. Take pieces of paper and spread out and review (like painting a picture).

III. Write a rough draft.

IV. Print it out. Check for grammar, spelling and paragraph formation and smooth out your writing so it is not wooden but reads like a novel. (Have someone proof read it!) Remember to footnote and follow the assignment!

V. "Print it out" and place it in nice cover! And, get your "A."


You can Study it over and over and over, OR you may find it much, much faster and easier to tape yourself and continually play it back, while you read and say it out loud! . Use memorizing techniques like making up stories to help you remember, or tie what you are learning to something else as a synonym.

Study at Times your biological clock is active i.e. if you are a morning person, study in the morning more than in the evening. (Take your temperature every hour on the hour throughout the day and chart it. Do this 2 or 3 times in a week and chart the times your temperature is highest and study hardest at those times.)

Think Positive and affirm yourself. A negative attitude will get you just that...a negative grade and a positive attitude will....

Notes:- Take only notes of value with a purpose and keep it short. Do not use sentences. Use "key" words. Come to class a couple of minutes early and be sure you stay after class a couple of minutes - professor usually gives extra info during this time.

-Use the Tape recorder method!

- Use "index 3x5" cards and keep them with you.

- Make & Keep extra copies of notes in case you lose them.

- Do not daydream. Stay alert.

- Go over notes after class while its fresh in your mind not later! This is key!! That extra couple of minutes going over your notes after class will save lots of study time.

- Stay Healthy! Eat right and take good supplements (i.e. Chromium Picolinate 200 micrograms during lunch and a Multi Vitamin will keep you from being sleepy in the afternoon!

- Do Not Forget to Pray!

Wishing You Blessings in Your Studies,

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