Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. - Psalm 119:105


The Way of Prayer

By Robert B. Munger
Prayer is a reality is it yours?

  1. Prayer is Reality

    • "To Talk with God'. No breath is lost-Talk on!
    • "To Wait on God" No time is lost-Wait on!
    • "To Walk with God" No strength is lost-Walk on!

  1. Prayer Is Receptivity--Receptivity to Reality
  2. Prayer Is Response
  3. Prayer is Renewal
  4. Prayer is Revision
  5. Prayer is Relaxation
  6. Prayer is Release
  7. Prayer is Rejoicing

    Steps toward a real prayer Life

    1. Breathe a prayer for help as you begin life's most important exercise.
    2. Remind yourself that God is more anxious than you to set up this relationship of two-way prayer.
    3. Determine that a vital prayer life is worth while--the most worth-while thing in life.
    4. Decide how much time you can give to this prayer exercise.
    5. Organize the rest of the day around this prayer time. Don't let the rest of the day decide this prayer time.
    6. Fix the time in the morning, if at all possible. If you fix your prayer hour at night it will be backward looking. If you fix it in the morning it will be forward-looking.
    7. Prime your prayer pump by reading from the Scriptures to you. Let God speak through the Word.
    8. Still the mind before and after reading the Word. In that stillness God and your deepest desires can meet.
    9. If the mind wanders, do not be dismayed. Pray for the thing to which the mind wanders.
    10. Pray for yourself. I find myself praying less and less for things, and more and more for right relationships. For if I get the right relationships then the things needed will come as a corollary. The purification of the loyalties is the essence of purification. If there is anything in your life about which you cannot pray, bring it up relentlessly and expose it to God's presence and to His suggestions.
    11. Pray first for yourself, and then go out into concentric circles reaching out into ever-widening spheres. You will grow with the reach of your prayers.
    12. Pray for people whom you dislike and who may dislike you. That will sterilize any bad thought that may infect you.
    13. After you have prayed for others, ask if there are any "orders of the day" and then listen.
    14. When you Pray these prayers "in Jesus' name," that means in His character, not yours!
    15. Believe that He hears your prayers and will give what you need, at the time needed.
    16. Do everything that comes to your mind that would help answer the prayers.
    17. Drop it into the subconscious mind, and let it there be a prayer-attitude running through both the conscious and the subconscious attitudes.
    18. Let prayer be the climate of the day.
    19. If you have to wait for anybody or for anything, such as a train or an elevator, fill in that waiting time with prayer.

Go and be a person of prayer as our Lord has called you to!



© 1987  Into Thy Word Ministries From the teaching notes of Robert B. Munger and R. J. Krejcir

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