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Suggestions for Effective Group Prayer

By ITW Staff
We are going before the presence of God, and must do so with glad hearts and a wiliness to be together in unity and love.

1. Form Group in circle. For a short session of prayer, stand and join hands. This helps us 'form up' and concentrate. Try not to be scattered all over the place (One for all, (us together) and all for One (Jesus)).

  • We are going before the presence of God, and must do so with glad hearts and a wiliness to be together in unity and love.
  • We must never go before God in petty political power plays, jockeying for control or attention.
  • We need to be as a team, listening with care to others, with the same passion we have for our own requests. This is Christian community!
  • Christianity is not a solo endeavor, that God only has 'me' in mind; of course He loves and cares for you, and has you in His mind! He also loves and cares for others too, even those people you do not like!
  • It is best to keep groups under 10, 4 to 8 works best. If you have too many people, break them down, and go to separate rooms if possible.

2. Each person needs to be ready and eager to participate (a passion for His presence).

  • We must not be in prayer when we have our hearts and minds pointed elsewhere.
  • We are to give God our best, which is our focused attention!

3. Make one request at a time, for effective concentration just make 1 personal prayer concern at a time, introduced by 1 member at a time. Then all can be in prayer for that 1 item. As the request is given, others can best participate by listening in silent prayer. Then all join up in prayer, and afterwards repeat the process with the next request or item.

  • When we just blurt out a long laundry list of prayers they get forgotten and our minds are busy being focused on remembering them. Thus the prayer (s) lose out there passion and attention of us before God.
  • You do not have to stop the prayer, to get the next request. Make your petition in a state of prayer!

4. Make your request uplifted in audible prayer by at least by one (covered in love).

  • One person at least should speak, so it sets a tone for the rest in prayer. Although there is nothing wrong with just silent group prayer. But be aware that silent prayer alone will lose a lot of peoples focus and attention, as their minds wonder off.
  • Others may pick up from others their audible prayer, and restate it in their own words, or use it as a focal point for their silent prayer.
  • Do not all pray audibly all at once; it becomes disjointed and confusing (not to God, but to us, who need to keep focused). Remember God is a God of order, not disorder (I Cor. 14).
  • You can always add a word of amen, which means 'make it so', and gives your loving support. Amen does not mean it is over, the words of the prayer may stop, but not our attitudes and reverence to Christ.

6. Wait in silence before God until another member introduces a personal concern.

  • Don't feel you always have to say something!

  • There is nothing wrong with silence. We must not allow it to distract us or cause us to be uncomfortable. Because the words of others may be silent; however, He is still there. God is the audience and the focal point of the prayer, not those beside you!

7. It is OK for each participant to pray as many times as they have concerns--but for only one request at a time!

  • Do not be in a rush!
  • Listening is as important as speaking, in most case more important. Listening to others and to God!
  • Never, never, never, never use prayer to convey gossip!!!
  • Keep confidences in the prayer group, and do not bring details into the prayer that others have no business of knowing. God already knows!

8. Be sensitive and responsive to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ!

See 'Christian Community' article


Suggestions by Rosalind Rinker modified and expanded by RJK

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