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20 QUESTIONS for Evangelism

By ITW Staff
Basic discussion starter questions to help you open doors in sharing your faith to others!

Transitions you can use to turn a conversation to spiritual things.

Basic discussion starter questions to help you open doors in sharing your faith to others!


Transitions you can use to turn a conversation to spiritual things.


1.      People invest time and energy into developing their career, their bodies and relationships, but often neglect the spiritual dimension of their lives. How do you actively pursue spiritual growth?


2.      Do you think much about spiritual things? (This usually leads to conversation about what "spiritual" means--i.e. religion vs. relationship.)


3.      How has this experience affected the way you look at God?


4.      We've never had a chance to talk about your religious background. Where would you say you are in your spiritual pilgrimage?


5.      I'd like to tell you how I established a personal relationship with God. (Tell your personal testimony of how you became a Christian. Keep it to three minutes, using the following outline: Before--What characterized my life before I trusted Christ. During--How I came to trust Christ. After--How I am different now.)


6.      What is your concept of God? Do you view Him positively or negatively?


7.      Have you ever come to a point in your life where you trusted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord, or do you think that is something you're still moving toward? May I share with you how I came to that point?


8.      Do you find that faith and spiritual values play a role in your (work) (day) (marriage) (perspective on life)?


9.      If you could be sure there is a God, would you want to know Him? Or if you could know God personally, would you want to?


10. Bring a friend to your church or a Christian event, then ask:


  • What did you think of it?
  • Did it make sense to you?
  • Have you made the wonderful discovery of knowing God personally?
  • You'd like to, wouldn't you?


11. Do you go to church? Why or why not?


12. I'd hate for you to come to my church and not understand what it's all about. Would you want to get together and discuss our basic beliefs?


13. We've been friends for quite some time now, and I've never really talked to you about the most important thing in my life. May I take a few moments and do so?


14. Is church something that has had an influence in your life? Are you at a point now that you want church know if that fits in with what you're looking for?


15. How do you think someone becomes a Christian?


16. Can I share the thing I've found most important to me as a (dad), (mom), (boss)?


17. What do you think about when you go to sleep at night? (If anxiety or guilt rob them of sleep, introduce the peace found in a relationship with Christ).


18. Most people in America say they believe in God. What does believing in God mean to you?


19. Before I came to know Christ personally, God was a vague concept that I could not relate to or grasp. How would you describe your view of God? Jesus? Is He a reality to you or more of a vague concept?


20. If you were to die tonight are you sure you'd go to heaven? Has anyone ever explained how you can know for sure?



From Campus Crusade for Christ © Campus Crusade  (These can be modified to tailored to your culture, for help go to link below)


For ideas as to how to actually explain the gospel, see "Tools for the Trade." 



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